What Is Soft Washing ?14 Aug 2022

Soft washing, as the name suggests, is a softer and lower pressure washing technique used by Wash Rite. Typically speaking, a soft wash uses low-pressure water mixed with a cleaning soaps.

While a high-pressure wash relies primarily on the water to blast away grime, dirt, and other conteminants, soft washing is a gentler wash that offers a deeper clean.

High-pressure washing is highly effective but can be too hard on specific surfaces and can sometimes cause damage. High-pressure washing blasts off impurities, while soft washing, with mixed soaps, removes dirt and contaminants without using damaging pressure.

A correct blend of soft washing soaps will kill algae, moss, and lichens down to their roots so that they don’t grow back later. To learn more about the benefits of soft washing, and how it can better suit your needs please contact one of the 27 Wash Rite franchises and they will happily help you.

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