Pre-Paint Wash

Pre-Paint House Wash

Any new paint job needs proper pre-paint preparation. Regardless of the surface you wish to paint, thorough cleaning will allow your new paint to adhere properly, which means it will last longer.

Wash Rite’s pre-paint house washing service involves washing exterior walls to clean them from contaminants and removal of old flaky paint and to prepare them for painting. This pre-paint cleaning process is similar to our standard exterior house washing service, with the main difference being the use slightly higher pressure to remove as much old, flaky paint as possible, This will help your painter and will reduce their prep time..

Pre-Paint Roof Wash

Our pre-paint roof wash is ideal for roof painting preparation. Our roof cleaning processes provide a far superior result due to our specialised cleaning soaps and cleaning equipment. In most situations, our Wash Rite team will be able to complete the work with our own heights equipment.

Our Wash Rite team are able to clean all types of roofing material from long run iron, concrete tiles, press metal tiles, slate tile and asphalt shingle roofs to name a some of the materials we can clean.