Wash Rite offers a professional dairy farm and cowshed cleaning service and can even offer payment terms which means you can pay it off over the year to help with your cash flow.

Dairy Farm and Cowshed Cleaning

The team at Wash Rite can even clean your dairy shed between milking or at the end of the season during the shutdown to prevent loss of productivity. Our highly trained staff are also able to wash all farm buildings, feed pads, machines and equipment.

Wash Rite only uses MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) approved cleaning chemicals when cleaning a dairy shed or any farm building. This will keep you compliant with Fonterra, Open Country and all other dairy processing plants across New Zealand. When you contract Wash Rite to clean your dairy shed, we can do as much or as little as you like, for example, we can wash just the milking platform or just the exterior of the shed or we can do a full wash and wash everything - this is ideal before your dairy company inspection.

If you're interested in getting your dairy farm or cowshed cleaned, we offer a free quote which you can arrange by clicking here or calling us on 0800 101 216

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to miss a day milking to have my shed washed?

No, we will work around your milking time regardless if you milk once a day or twice a day.

Does Wash Rite guarantee its service?

Yes, Wash Rite guarantees all its services.

Can I pay on a Farmlands card?

Yes, most Wash Rite franchises accept Farmlands cards for payment. For confirmation if your local Wash Rite accepts Farmlands cards, please contact your local franchise on 0800 101 216.

Are your soaps MAF approved?

Yes, all Wash Rite soaps are MAF approved.

How long does it take to wash a dairy shed before an inspection?

A deep clean can take 8 to 12 hours. The time depends on how dirty it is when we arrive and how well it has been cleaned every day after milking.

How often do you recommend getting a dairy shed professionally washed?

Wash Rite recommends getting a professional wash done every second year just prior to the dairy company doing their annual inspection

What other farm buildings can you wash?

Farmhouses, half-round barns, stables, implement sheds, plus we can also wash concrete pads, fences and even your tractor!