Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing

Did you know? A dirty solar panel can reduce the panel's efficiency by 18%. By cleaning your solar panel you could be saving money on your electricity bill.

Cleaning your solar panels is an extremely important step in keeping your solar panel system as efficient as possible. Wash Rite are experts in cleaning all brands and types of solar panel systems. We always use the most up-to-date techniques when cleaning, which includes using very soft brushes that are fed with pure filtered water. This pure water system removes all minerals from the water which will leave a spot-free finish on your solar panels as well as not scratching them.

In most cases, we can clean your solar panels from the gutter line and don't have to step on your roof. If we do need to step onto the roof, our skilled technicians are fully trained and equipped with the right safety gear to get the job done 'Rite'.

If you're interested in getting your solar panels cleaned back to its most efficient, we offer a free quote which you can arrange by clicking here or calling us on 0800 101 216

Frequently Asked Questions

My Solar panels are not as efficient as they use to be. Will cleaning them help this?

Yes. Dirty solar panels will massively affect the efficiency of the system.

How often do I need to clean my solar panels?

Most manufactures recommend cleaning them every 6 months to ensure they work as efficiently as possible.

Can you clean the pollen off my panels in spring?

Yes. Wash Rite can clean pollen of your panels.

Does the Wash Rite cleaning method scratch the panel surface?

No. Wash rite cleans solar panels with a pure water washing system that is recommended by solar panel manufacturers.

How long does it take Wash Rite to clean my solar panels on my roof?

It will take around 10 minutes per panel. The time might vary depending on how steep your roof is and or how many panels you have on your roof.