House Washing - Low Pressure

Wash Rite specialise in low-pressure exterior house cleaning and washing. This includes all types of cladding regardless of size whether it be a big house or a small one.

We use a combination of biodegradable cleaning agents and low pressure to eliminate the re-growth of moss, mould and lichen for up to 12 months. This will extend the life of your paint for up to 15 years.

Wash Rite can get your house clean and free of contention, ready for your painter to repaint. We guarantee that all house washes and customer satisfaction are our first and main priority.

House Washing - Low Pressure

Why Use Wash Rite for Exterior Washing and Cleaning?

As our name states, we wash the 'RITE' way using the best methods and soaps. Wash Rite has the skills and equipment to get your house looking its best and having true street appeal. Whether it's a clean before selling the house or just a yearly wash, Wash Rite has the right service for you.

If you're interested in our exterior house washing and cleaning service, we offer a free quote which you can arrange by clicking here or calling us on 0800 101 216

Frequently Asked Questions

Does house washing damage my paint?

No, Our house washing system uses low-pressure water also known as a softwash, This system allows our soaps to do the cleaning so we don't have to rely on water pressure.

Does your soaps remove the green algae that's on my house?

Yes, our soaps will remove all moss, mould and algae from your house and will prevent it from coming back as fast.

Does Wash Rite guarantee its service?

100% yes, All Wash rite franchises guarantee their service to the homeowners level. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Do I have to be at home for you to wash my house?

No, most clients are not home when we wash there house, We just ask you ensure all windows are closed and anything that can be damaged if it gets wet is brought inside.

Can you wash 2 & 3 story houses?

Yes, Wash Rite has the right equipment and the right training to wash multi level homes safely.