Wash Rite Launches New Auckland Central Franchise21 Jan 2021

Wash Rite has had a busy start to 2021 with a new franchise starting in the Auckland central area.
This new franchise now means all Wash Rite franchises in Auckland have sold and we now have 100% coverage over all of Auckland.

The new franchise known a Wash rite Auckland Central is owned and operated by father and son team Simon & Gram Scott. Simon and Gram also happen to be father and brother to an existing Auckland franchisee, Wash Rite East Auckland making a real family business.
Simon & Gram will be servicing clients in the areas of Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Epsom, Royal Oak, Onehunga, and Otahuhu.
With previous exterior cleaning experience with Gram working for Wash Rite East Auckland previously, Wash Rite Auckland central is hitting the ground running.

Troy Hillard, Managing Director of The Rite Group said " The Wash Rite brand is fortunate to have such experienced and qualified franchisees joining our brand and I hold great expectations for Simon and Gram."

Simon and Gram will be starting to service clients from Monday 25th January 2021, So if you're in an Auckland central suburb and you need an experienced house washing provider, Simon and Gram would love to hear from you on 0800101216 or 0223069498 or you can request a free quote at https://www.washrite.co.nz/request-a-quote

Link: https://www.washrite.co.nz/franchise/auckland-central