Your spring to-do list is in full swing, and as you eagerly anticipate the warmer Kiwi weather, don't forget to add a crucial task: pressure washing. As the chilly grip of winter loosens, pressure washing services in New Zealand are gearing up for a busy season. Spring is undeniably the opportune time for residential pressure washing, and here's why.

Springtime Exterior House Washing Advantages

While you could opt for pressure washing during autumn or summer, spring takes the crown due to several compelling reasons:

Ideal Weather: Temperature is a pivotal factor when pressure washing your home's exterior. You'll want a day with temperatures staying above freezing for a full 24 hours to ensure surfaces can thoroughly dry.

Banishing Winter Buildup: Winter brings its share of grime and dirt buildup on exterior surfaces. Scheduling pressure washing in spring allows you to bid farewell to these residues and revitalize your home. Moreover, this process eliminates any lurking mold or algae that might have crept onto your decks and patios over the winter months, ensuring a wholesome living environment.

Prepping for Exterior Painting: Late spring and early summer are prime times for homeowners in New Zealand to schedule exterior painting. Clean walls are a prerequisite for a fresh coat of paint. By arranging your pressure washing services during spring, you can efficiently complete both tasks, freeing you from the hassle of washing or painting throughout the year.

Embracing Summer: Don't wait until summer to tackle pressure washing tasks like driveways and decks. Get ahead of the game so you can relish those Kiwi summer days with family and friends. Alternatively, opt for professional residential pressure washing services to ensure a top-notch outcome without the stress.

What to Soft Wash

So, what exactly should you aim to soft wash? A plethora of surfaces can be restored to their former glory with the power of soft washing:

Roofs: Kiwi roofs can accumulate mold and mildew due to the winter's challenges. Addressing this issue promptly is crucial for preventing potential problems down the line.

Gutters: Rain or shine, New Zealand's gutters need a thorough cleaning come spring. Whether it's bugs, leaves, or other debris, soft washing is a must for optimal functionality.

Decks and Patios: With summer's arrival, your deck or patio becomes a beloved gathering spot. Ensure it's a clean and inviting space by washing away grime, creating a fresh and enjoyable hangout area.

Driveway: If you're in a region prone to harsh winter weather, your driveway might have seen its share of salt treatment. A thorough soft washing can eliminate any residual salt and restore your driveway's appeal.

Exterior Siding: The exterior walls of your home often benefit the most from soft washing. Beyond dirt and grime, soft washing eradicates mould and mildew, which not only detracts from your home's aesthetics but can also impact your family's health. Spring is also a popular time for potential buyers to explore the housing market, so boosting your home's curb appeal with soft washing can be advantageous if you're considering listing your property.

DIY or Professional Assistance

If you're equipped with your own pressure washer, fantastic! You can tackle the task yourself. Just remember to exercise caution and use the equipment properly to avoid any potential damage. If you don't own a pressure washer or if you feel unsure about tackling specific surfaces, you're in luck. The professionals at WASH RITE are here to assist you. Whether you're seeking soft washing services or looking for soft washing companies nearby, look no further. Contact us today to schedule your soft washing services and rejuvenate your New Zealand home for the vibrant spring season ahead.