Why Wash Rite is a Property Manager’s Best Friend!18 May 2024

When it comes to maintaining properties, both residential and commercial property managers face a myriad of challenges. From ensuring that properties remain attractive to tenants and buyers, to complying with health and safety standards, the responsibilities are immense. Enter Wash Rite – New Zealand’s premier house and building wash company. With a comprehensive range of services and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Wash Rite is the go-to partner for property managers across the country.

Comprehensive Exterior Cleaning Services Tailored for Property Managers

Wash Rite offers an extensive array of services designed to meet the unique needs of property managers:

House Washing: Keep residential properties looking their best with professional low pressure house washing services also known as a Softwash. From single-family homes to apartment complexes, Wash Rite removes dirt, grime, and mould, enhancing curb appeal and extending the life of exterior paint.

Commercial Building Washing: Impress clients and customers with spotless commercial buildings. Whether it's an office building, retail space, or industrial facility, Wash Rite ensures that your properties reflect professionalism and care. Wash Rite is the trusted exterior cleaning for Westfield Shopping Centres, Auckland Airport, The Base Shopping centre and much more.

Gutter Cleaning: Prevent water damage and maintain the structural integrity of your properties with regular gutter cleaning. Wash Rite efficiently removes debris and ensures proper water flow.

Roof Washing: Protect roofs from moss, algae, and lichen that can cause significant damage over time. Wash Rite’s roof washing services extend the life of roofing materials and maintain their appearance.

Moss and Mould Removal: Maintain a healthy environment by eliminating moss and mould from various surfaces. This service is crucial for both residential and commercial properties in New Zealand’s damp climate.

Concrete Cleaning: Enhance the look and safety of driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces. Wash Rite’s concrete cleaning services remove stains, moss, and grime, preventing slips and falls.

Graffiti Removal: Quickly and effectively remove unsightly graffiti from walls, fences, and other surfaces. Wash Rite helps maintain a clean, professional look for all properties.

Fence and Deck Cleaning: Keep outdoor spaces inviting and well-maintained with professional fence and deck cleaning. Wash Rite restores the natural beauty of wood and other materials.

Exterior Window Cleaning: Ensure clear, streak-free windows that enhance the overall appearance of your properties. Wash Rite uses specialized techniques and equipment for superior results.

Serving Key Cities Across New Zealand

Wash Rite proudly serves property managers in all major cities and towns including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, and beyond. Whether managing properties in bustling urban centers or serene suburban areas, property managers can rely on Wash Rite for consistent, high-quality cleaning services.

Prioritizing Property Managers

Understanding the unique pressures faced by property managers, Wash Rite prioritizes their jobs, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery. This dedication helps property managers maintain their properties to the highest standards without added stress.

Competitive Rates and Health & Safety Compliance

Wash Rite offers extremely competitive rates tailored to the budgets of property managers. Moreover, the company is fully committed to managing all health and safety requirements, ensuring that all cleaning activities are conducted safely and in compliance with local regulations. This commitment allows property managers to focus on their core responsibilities, confident in the knowledge that their properties are in safe hands.


For property managers seeking a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive cleaning partner, Wash Rite stands out as the best choice. With a wide range of services, a strong presence in key New Zealand cities, and a commitment to prioritizing property managers’ needs, Wash Rite truly is a property manager’s best friend. Enhance the appeal and longevity of your properties with Wash Rite – New Zealand’s leading house and building wash company.

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