Wash Rite Works Alongside The Handyman Group8 Jul 2022

Wash Rites Hamilton franchise has teamed up with the guys from The Handyman Group to get a unused class room back to its former glory to allow kids to be back in their learning. The old class room block at Frankton Primary has not been used for the past 5 years and was on the chopping block to be demolished. Due to a fire at the school Wash Rite & The Handyman Group were tasked to get the building, clean and safe to use within 3 short days.

While Wash Rite was doing a roof wash, building wash and gutter clean the handyman from The Handyman Group were inside patching holes in the walls, painting the walls and ceilings as well as installing multiple panel heaters to ensure the kids are nice and warm.

The jobs was a large one to complete in 3 short days but working together they were able to get the job done and the kids will be back in the class room after the school holidays.

Link: The Handyman Group