Home Improvements To Make Before You Move In16 Oct 2021

There’s a few home improvements we suggest you make before you move in because it’s the perfect blank slate to start from. Home improvements such as a low-pressure house wash or changing the external locks aren’t big jobs to do but they are important jobs to do and it’s a lot easier and quicker to get them done pre-move in day.

Change The Locks

Your sellers are probably lovely people and would never think of using their old keys, but you don’t know who else might have keys. Before all your valuables are dropped off by a mover you chose using the smart Wise Move app which by the way has had over 5,000 positive reviews and thousands of satisfied customers across New Zealand, get the locks changed and that way

you can feel safe and secure because you’ve protected yourself, the family and your possessions.

Check Alarm Batteries

Walk around the house and check all your alarm batteries; including your smoke alarms. It really can mean the difference between life and death. The Fire Emergency Department NZ recommends checking your smoke alarms at least every month and dust or vacuum your smoke alarm every 6 months. It’s these simple maintenance checks that keep you and your precious family protected.

Give Your House A Good Wash

One of the best things you can do is give your house a good wash so it is in great nick before your shift.

A low-pressure house wash removes moss, mould, lichen, spider webs and any other matter that may have attached itself to the exterior of your home.

Having a regular house wash maintains your home and using a low-pressure house wash system doesn’t damage any paint because quality cleaning agents do all the work.

Using Wash Rite for your house wash means you’re getting the experts to do the job for you and using a clever combination of biodegradable cleaning agents and low pressure helps to eliminate regrowth of moss etc which means the life of your house paint is extended by up to 15 years.

Now that’s smart and it’s not harmful to the environment so it ticks all the boxes.

You might be considering getting your new home painted before you move in and a low-pressure house wash is a priority pre-paint too.

Child Proof or Pet Proof Your Home

You might not have had a chance during the excitement of purchasing your home to check things like external fencing and gates, or external hazards such as blind cords or rooms where your young ones might be able to climb and get into all sorts of mischief.

You want to make sure before you move in that little ones and pets can’t get out (nor other pets get in your backyard) and hazards such as hanging cords or access points don’t turn into regretful accidents or incidents.

Check Your Roof

Did you know that moss, mould and lichen can actually cause structural damage to your roof? It’s because the mould spores, moss etc can cause harm due to their caustic nature. This allows excess water absorption which means your clay tile or concrete roof degrades faster than it should.

If your roof needs a good clean, call the experts in to do the job safely and with all the right gear and cleaning agents. Without the right gear including things like safety harnesses, you’re putting yourself at risk from a working at heights accident and that is something you need to avoid at all costs.

Before you move in just doing a few home improvements will not only ensure you are safe and protected but your house is being well maintained too. It’s your biggest investment so it pays to take care of it in all the right ways

Link: Smart Wise Move App