Everything You Need To Know About Roof Washing6 Dec 2023

Roof Cleaning Costs in New Zealand

Roof cleaning costs in New Zealand can vary based on several factors, including the size of the roof, its condition, the method of cleaning, and the location. On average, prices can range from $500 to $1200 for a standard residential roof cleaning, but this can fluctuate. It's advisable to obtain quotes from professional cleaning services for accurate pricing.

Best Methods for Cleaning Your Roof

The best way to clean a roof depends on the type of roof material. Professionals often use pressure washing, soft washing, or chemical treatments tailored to the roof's material. Soft washing with eco-friendly solutions is often recommended for delicate roofing materials to prevent damage.

DIY Roof Cleaning

While it’s possible to clean your roof yourself, it’s not recommended for safety reasons and the potential for causing damage to the roof or yourself. Roof cleaning can be risky due to heights, slippery surfaces, and the need for specialized equipment.

Effectiveness of Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can significantly enhance the appearance of your home and prolong the life of your roof. It removes algae, moss, lichen, and other debris that can damage roofing materials and cause deterioration over time.

Professional Roof Cleaning Methods

Professional roof cleaners employ various methods such as soft washing, pressure washing, or chemical treatments. They use specialized equipment and eco-friendly solutions to ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the roof.

Duration of Roof Cleaning

The time taken to clean a house roof depends on factors like the size, type of roof, and extent of cleaning needed. Typically, a professional roof cleaning job can take several hours to a full day.

Materials Used by Professional Cleaners

Professional roof cleaners use environmentally friendly solutions and specialized equipment like pressure washers, soft wash systems, and specific cleaning agents tailored to different roofing materials.

Cons of Roof Cleaning

While roof cleaning has numerous benefits, it can potentially lead to damage if done incorrectly, especially if too much pressure is used or harsh chemicals are applied. Additionally, improper cleaning methods may not effectively remove all stains or growth. We recommend your use a professional such as Wash Rite.

Frequency of Roof Cleaning

The frequency of roof cleaning depends on factors such as the climate, surrounding vegetation, and the roof's condition. Generally, roofs in areas prone to high humidity or shaded by trees may need more frequent cleaning, while others might require cleaning every few years.

Regular maintenance and occasional professional cleaning can extend the lifespan of your roof and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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