West Coast Business facing staff Shortages

West Coast Business facing staff Shortages20 Jan 2022

While Rita Costen loves the sparkle of a newly-cleaned window, she is unable to recruit staff. She's spending far too much time at the squeegee end rather than growing her business.

"It's really tough at the moment, I don't know why, it's a really good job that we offer, but we just don't seem to be getting the calibre of staff coming through," the Wash Rite West Coast co-owner says.

It's meant a reduction in potential earnings and a backlog of work to catch up on.

"Extremely frustrating. We want to grow, we want to expand and we can't at the end of the day," Costen says.

"My husband and I have been running the business for four years. He's reaching his 60th birthday this year and he's still the one going up on roofs and doing all the work."

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