New Zealand may have earned its reputation for being one of the best and cleanest countries on the planet, but as with any country, those who own homes or businesses here need to accept that it’s a fairly crowded and dirty place at times. That amount of congestion and the climate can result in properties easily getting dirty very fast in New Zealand.

A professional building wash company can help when your property needs some outdoor cleaning. You simply need to make sure you’re hiring a company you can trust to deliver reliable services. Specifically, our experts at Wash Rite highly encourage you to keep these factors in mind when researching your options:


Building washing isn’t just one general service. The services a Building washer might offer can be fairly wide-ranging.

For example, at Wash Rite, we offer sanitization, disinfection, exterior building washing, concrete cleaning, window cleaning, graffiti removal, and various other services to our customers based on their needs.

We also offer specialized services when low-pressure washing isn’t the right way to clean a particular surface. With our soft wash method, we can thoroughly clean your home’s siding without the risk of damaging it.

It’s crucial that the professional building wash company you hire offers the exact services you need. If they offer many different property cleaning services, hiring them can also make your life easier by letting you hire one company for many tasks, instead of looking for separate companies for each task.


The tools and methods a building wash company may use for any given job are constantly evolving. While you may not have the insider knowledge to thoroughly understand which tools and methods a forward-thinking building washing expert should be embracing, you can at least ask about this topic. The right team for the job will be able to convincingly describe how they leverage innovations to offer the best possible service.

They should also expand their potential to serve customers by investing in the necessary equipment. For example, we use EWP (elevated work platforms) that allow us to clean buildings with multiple stories, which is very important in a place like New Zealand that has strict health and safety laws.


Don’t assume a professional building wash company is telling the truth when they claim they genuinely strive to satisfy each and every customer. Ask them to provide testimonials from former customers proving they actually deliver the quality of service they promise.

You should also look for reviews on other platforms, such as a company’s business page on Google, or any social media accounts. They’re far more likely to offer a truly honest assessment of a company you’re thinking about hiring.

Pay attention to the types of customers leaving reviews, too. If you’re hiring a power washing company to clean your residential property, you don’t want to make the mistake of hiring a team that only prioritizes their commercial customers, and takes residential jobs less seriously, and vice-versa.


Don’t merely assume any building wash company you’re looking into holds all the necessary qualifications and insurance policies! Odds are good they will, but because checking on this important issue only takes a few seconds, it’s worth asking about. At Wash Rite, we recommend only using companies that are members of the ECIA (exterior cleaning industry association ) and who have completed the water efficiency course.


This is another basic factor that’s nevertheless easy to overlook!

Make sure a company will be available to handle your needs according to your schedule and not theirs. For instance, at Wash Rite, we offer 24-hour service to residential and commercial customers in New Zealand wide and we always book our jobs at a time that suits the client's schedule to ensure as little interference as possible.

That type of dedication to customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons we’ve cultivated such a positive reputation, and have built Wash Rite to be the largest exterior cleaning company in the southern hemisphere.

To arrange for one of our expert building wash franchisees to come and provide a free quote please call our team on 0800101216


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