Don't Forget to Clean Out Your Gutters25 Aug 2021

Not all spring cleanup takes place in just the yard. If your house is anything like mine and surrounded by trees, I’m sure your gutters fill up quickly this time of year.

It is the perfect time of year to clear leaves and other debris from your gutters.

Gutters on your house are extremely important. They collect rainwater and channel it away from key parts of the home, such as the foundation, siding, and windows, through downspouts.

Make sure to check your gutters for proper drainage, clear out any blockages, and rinse with a hose. Also, make sure you grab a pair of gloves because gutter cleaning can be a dirty and stinky job.

Clogged gutters could potentially cause damage to your roof. If blocked with leaves, sticks, or other debris, they will cause overflowing water that may lead to a leak in your roof and require you to do expensive repairs or possibly get a new roof!

If you get a leaky roof, it can cause water damage to the interior or exterior of your home.

If your gutters become too full, they could potentially fall off the roof of your home. This could cause damage to the shingles of your roof and the outside of your home.

Clogged gutters are also perfect homes for rodents and mold. Cleaning the gutters will get rid of any little critters that have made your gutter their home.

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