5 Issues When Washing in Sub Zero Temperature11 Jul 2022

Wash Rite has some challengers that most other exterior cleaning company don't have, One of these challengers is having to wash houses in parts of the country were the temperature is below zero and this causes issues for our franchise partners.

Here are 5 common issues we come across while washing in sub zero temperatures.

1. Frozen Water In Your Tanks, There is no quicker way to damage your pump than to have ice running through your pump. How we prevent this from happening is by having a fish tank water heater in our tanks overnight. These heaters don't really heat the water but they do keep the water above zero and stops the water from freezing.

2. Pumps Freezing. A frozen pump fast becomes a damaged pump, We provide our franchises a 18v battery heat gun that allows them to heat the pump head directly first up on those mornings when the temperature is well below zero.

3. Expanding Ice. When water freezes expands and if this happens inside our spray hoses it will split the hose, By leaving the end of the hose open it allows room for any water to freeze and expand instead of splitting the hose.

4. Frozen Fingers. There is nothing worst that fingers that are frozen and you can't move them. Its also very painful as well. The heat gun we use to defrost our pumps is also great to quickly warn up your hands. Waterproof gloves is also a must in the winter months.

5. Cold Staff. When staff are cold they not happy and are unproductive. At Wash Rite we ensure our franchise partners and their staff are issued with the right quality of winter clothing and wet weather gear. Nothing will draw the warmth from you faster than being wet so staying dry and warm is extremely important.

If your wondering can you still have your house washed in winter if you live in an alpine zones of New Zealand the answer is yes. With the right equipment which Wash Rite has we can wash all year around.

Link: https://www.washrite.co.nz/franchise/central-otago

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